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Digital Justice Center

Digital Justice Center

Digital Justice Center, based at the University of Wroclaw, conducts interdisciplinary research on the impact of new technologies on criminal justice systems.

It is one of the most important and topical issues of the criminal law science all over the world. The conducted research will cover a wide range of problems, including:

  • the use of new technologies for the purpose of gathering evidence in proceedings, including various types of surveillance, conducting searches of electronic devices, in particular mobile phones,
  • recording of activities carried out by police officers using body cameras (e.g. during detentions),
  • the use of audiovisual technologies to facilitate the conduct of hearings in court, recording of interrogations and other evidentiary activities,
  • the use of artificial intelligence to inflict punishments for crimes and the so-called predictive policing, i.e. predicting the possibility of a crime being committed in a given area or by a given person
  • digitalization of financial and banking law, especially in the context of financial stability, but also AML and CFT

In Poland, research on the impact of new technologies on the criminal justice system has not been conducted on a large scale so far. There is also no research center that would comprehensively deal with this issue. However, such centers exist successfully at renowned foreign universities.

Digital Justice Center aims to fill the above mentioned gap and creates a great opportunity to include the University of Wrocław in the global network of research centers providing academic analysis of the influence of new technologies on the criminal justice systems. Simultaneously, it should boost internationalization of our university by launching new research projects conducted with scholars from all around the world.

Project of the Wrocław University Development Program of the European Social Fund 2018-2022 "Project of the Integrated Development Program of the Wrocław Social Fund

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